{Babies} Winter Sessions

I was so busy sharing all of my images on Facebook that I didn't make blog posts of some of my babies this Winter. So I thought now would be a good time to catch up and post all of the cuties.

First there is little Laiken. She is all smiles all the time and just warms your heart. She was six months old in these photos and just sitting up like a champ! She loved playing with her toes and any little thing she could get her hands on. :)

Hattie Lynn is 6 months too but she preferred to be in the basket. She seems to like it! She is such a sweetie.

I love watching "my" babies grow! It seems like just yesterday that I was taking Mia's newborn pictures. Now she is cooing and making faces at me. She loves her mommy but she liked me too. We took these photos right in the comfort of her own home. Much easier for Mia and mommy this way. She isn't too fond of the car ride just yet.

My latest little man was 6 month old Asher. Such a big boy! He sure is rocking that cute little newsboy cap though isn't he?! What a little stud. :) So serious he was but we caught a few smiles!

Little Ethan is a year old already! Boy one year old babies sure do give you a run for your money! He was all over the place. We wanted pictures just at grandma's house. No backdrops or anything like that. It was just play time. We played peek-a-boo and he made lots of faces for me. So much fun! We even got to take a few shots with his brand new cousin Eva. So precious! Can you believe how much they grow in just a year?!?

Lastly, I had to slip in some pictures of these sweet cousins. Can you believe that this was a Winter photo session and not Fall?! Mom and dad rocked it with their coordinating outfits!

Okay so now if I am all caught up on the blog it should stay that way right?! HA! Well I don't blog all of my sessions but I just had to share these cuties with you!

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