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{Alana} Senior Class of 2018 Sartell High School

So much fun was had with Alana at her senior session! In fact, we had so much fun that I ended up taking almost 500 photos! Whoops! I may have gotten a little carried away but that is what happens when I have a beautiful setting, a beautiful model, and fun people to hang out with. :)

We spent a couple of hours just hanging out and exploring Quarry Park and Nature Preserve in Waite Park, MN. It is by far one of my favorite places to do photos because it is beautiful, peaceful and so many options! It was a beautiful evening for pictures! One that we ended splashing around in the water. It was maybe a little chilly for that but worth it!

Alana I hope you love your senior pictures and have a fabulous senior year! Thanks for choosing me to capture your portraits for you!

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