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{Grace, Molly, and Emily} Senior Class of 2018 Paynesville High School

You probably recognize this lovely lady here as I just posted some photos of her about a month ago. Grace is my senior rep and as an added bonus she got to have a session with friends. Ask about this add on when you schedule your senior session with me!

We started the evening with finishing up some individual photos that we didn't quite get to during her chilly first session. We captured some images with softball and volleyball. It is fun to incorporate things that are important to the senior in their session to really tell people about them and to remember when you look back at their pictures 10, 20, 30 years later. "Yes kids I really did play volleyball..." Love capturing these memories for years to come!

After her individual pictures were done it was time for friends! Emily and Molly joined us for this and I just LOVE how they coordinated it and it all came together. They all wore denim dresses with flower crowns. Absolutely stunning! See what I mean>>>>

Love it! Planning goes a long way in making a successful photo session. Especially when you are doing group photos. I just loved capturing these girls. Their friendship just radiated in these photos. Thanks so much for letting me do these for you. I hope you love them as much as I do!

And just the stunning Grace....

Volleyball pics.... on a softball field....its called making it work! ;)

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