{Rayna} Six Months & {Kaylynn} Three Years Old

Sweet sisters Rayna & Kaylynn were my first portrait session of 2018 and what a great start! The main focus of our photo shoot was taking six month pictures of Rayna. She is just the cutest with all her expressions and little noises that she makes. Plus baby rolls! Is there anything cuter!?!

Then after a little while Kaylynn decided that it would be a good idea to take some pictures with her sister too! She loves her little sister!

And we finished up with a few three year pictures of her too! She liked to pose for me and like a typical three year old wanted to see the picture after each one that I took. Oh do you remember the good old days of film when we had to wait weeks to see our photos!? Ha!

Thank you so much for having me into your home to photograph your sweet girls!

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