{A Mother & her Daughters} Spring Apple Blossom Session at Glacial Ridge Winery

So many things that I love about this mother and daughter photo session! We photographed this session when the apple blossoms were in full bloom at Glacial Ridge Winery in Spicer, MN. I have always wanted to do a session with the apple blossom trees. They were so beautiful and smelled so good too! But the thing that I loved most about this session is the people! This is my sister and my nieces! I haven't photographed them in about a year and it had been too long! Let me introduce you...

These are the twins, Morgen and Rylie! I have loved watching them grow. Already 2 1/2 years old! How did that happen?!?! You couldn't find two girls that are more different than each other... but they do share a birthday. More about each of them below.

This is my oldest niece, Madisyn! She is the sweetest girls and such a great big sister. She is the girl who made me auntie! She helps so much with her little sisters and has the biggest heart. I always look forward to my homemade cards from her. :)

This is my sister, Stephanie. She is such a good stay at home momma to her sweet girls. They keep her running always... and usually in opposite directions.

This is Morgen! She is such a little spit fire! She loves to have all of the attention on her just like her mom used to at this age. ;) She is smart as whip and at only two will hold a complete conversation with you. She also is the one who makes her mom run the most. During our session, we would say "come here Morgen so we can take your picture." Cue running in the opposite direction! I love it though. Watch out for this little one!

This is Rylie! She has me wrapped around her little finger. She is the quietest of all the girls. Reminds me very much of my so, Owen at this age. She does things on her own time when she is ready. She needs time to warm up to you and to take in everything that is going in. But boy can she be silly too (as seen below)! She loves making silly faces and has the sweetest smile. These two photos show her perfectly: shy and quiet and then silly as can be! I just love it!

My beautiful nieces! Your auntie is so proud of you and can't wait to see what wonderful ladies you become.... but in due time... slow down with growing up so fast! Love you!

Thank you so much to Glacial Ridge Winery for letting us use your beautiful orchard!

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