{Abby & Tyler} Golden Hour Engagement Session

Abby and Tyler's engagement session was absolutely stunning and one of my favorites of the year. I mean first of all I got to hang out with two pretty cool people but I got to meet their pets too and animals are always welcome at my photo sessions! The weather was beautiful too (which was great because we had already rescheduled once).

I met Abby months ago when she was trying to decide on a wedding photographer and when we met she had kind of warned me that Tyler wasn't so excited about all the photos. So, it got me thinking and this is totally a common theme. I mean generally the guys are usually not too excited about engagement pictures or pictures on the wedding day. But is my job to make photo sessions into a good time! I like to tell my couples that I want them to think about the engagement session as a good date night where they get to enjoy each others company, kiss, hang out and go for a walk, and just ignore the crazy lady with the camera shouting orders at you from afar. 🤣

But seriously though... photos should be a fun part of the day whether it is engagement photos or the wedding day. So let's have some fun together and capture beautiful memories while we are at it! For now, enjoy these beautiful photos and memories of a fabulous couple...

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