{Welle} Fall Family Session

Of all the beautiful things in the world, is there anything more precious than beautiful pictures with your children?!?! I don't think so! They grow way too fast! My husband said to me the other day that we were almost half way done with raising our oldest son (he will be 9 in May). I just about slapped him! But he wasn't that far off from the truth. Your job as a parent is never done but children do grow up and they do move on. I am trying with all my might to capture these moments to hold on to long after they have grown.

Anyway.... the subject at hand is the Welle family! They are just the sweetest friends of mine and I was so excited to capture family pictures for them. Plus, their little "boss baby" Lucy just turned ONE!!! We had an absolutely beautiful fall day. We met half way and BOTH of the kids fell asleep in the car. ;) I don't know about you but I was with the kids. I do not wake up and think "yay, let's take pictures!" So we played in the leaves and once they woke up a little bit we all had a great time!

So fun to be able to capture these fleeting ages but also to make new memories as well. Not memories of stressing out over photos but having fun as a family and capturing that.... maybe smiling for the camera a little along the way.

Thanks for coming to see me Welles! You have a beautiful family!

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