Design Studio by Stacy


Welcome!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  


Design Studio by Stacy is a business many years in the making.  I started taking a real interest in photography when I graduated college with an art degree in 2004.  I was photographing family and friends mostly then while I worked as an art teacher full-time.  During this time I started to build my skills, experience and portfolio slowly over many years, getting busier as the years went by.  In 2015, I went full-time with my photography business and I haven't looked back.  


Now, I am a photographer with many years of experience chasing around little kids and getting the natural smiles; calming brides and helping wedding parties have a great time; hanging out with some really cool teenagers wanting to express themselves through great portraits that tell their story; and shushing newborns back to a deep calm sleep capturing them at their most precious stage.


I am also an artist and a teacher.  As my business evolved, I began I offering Paint & Sip parties as well as private events for all ages. I still offer these parties occasionally but my business is mostly based on photography now.  But contact me if you are interested in setting up a private event.  

I hope you enjoy exploring my website.  There is lots to see!  I have a really hard time only sharing a few photos when there are so many happy faces of people I have come to adore.  

Have a wonderful day!