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{Cassie & Jon} St. John's Arboretum Engagement Session

Such a great couple Cassie and Jon are! She is a brand new Kindergarten teacher (that I just know my kids would love) and Jon is a Marine. I can't think of a more noble combination than that! So laid back and easy going. We decided to meet at St. John's University. Cassie graduated from St. Ben's just last Spring and so we thought this was the perfect location to meet.

Their only request was to do some photos with the American flag to honor Jon's time in the Marine Corp. Beyond that, we explored and chased some beautiful light and tried to hide from the wind! The only concern was from Jon... "Are we going to be kissing in ALL of the photos?" HA! Nope but it is a great way to get couples to enjoy the time together and get some natural reactions and smiles!

I had a great time with Cassie and Jon and can't wait for their wedding next fall. Just a little less than a year away!



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