{Sara & Tyler} Farm Engagement Session

Sara & Tyler were sweet enough to invite me out to their farm for their engagement session and it was great! What better place to capture your engagement pictures than at your home with all the things that you love! We explored all around and made sure to get pictures with all the animals! We had cows, cats, chickens, and of course we can't forget their dog Nellie! My favorite were the calves. So darn cute! I am an animal lover so I had a great time saying hi to all the animals. We even went in with the steers. I may have been a little intimidated by their size but they were awesome. I know I know... this girl doesn't get out much. ;) Of course, I had a true welcome from them when I stepped into a fresh cow pie. I knew it was there but I was too caught up with what I was doing. Go figure!

Sara & Tyler were such a great couple to work with! They loved to goof around with each other and were laughing most of the time. They were just adorable. Congratulations on your engagement! I can't wait until your wedding next April! I am sure it will be a fabulous day!

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